24 Hours in Funchal, Madeira.

Dear Penelope, I returned from my trip to Madeira over a month ago now, yet I still find myself reminiscing of the beautiful weather, delightful sights, and amazing food. More-so of the capital Funchal; it is such diverse place, packed in such a small area consisting of narrow alleyways; winding streets and tucked away shopping gems. … Continue reading 24 Hours in Funchal, Madeira.


Cruise Around Madeira: East Coast

Dear Penelope, Having just cruised our way around the West side of Madeira, it has come to tackle the East cost. Cabo Girao This town is up on the edge of the cliff not too far from the city Funchal, which has always been a drive through destination with stunning views. However a recent development … Continue reading Cruise Around Madeira: East Coast

Cruise Around Madeira: West Coast

Dear Peps, There is a whole load of Island in Madeira to unearth, so why not cruise around with your very own private chauffeur (thanks, Dad!). A full tank of petrol; a carefully curated playlist at the ready; and of course the mandatory bag full of snacks. Ribeira Brava The first stop along our west coast cruise; … Continue reading Cruise Around Madeira: West Coast

Madeira Botanical Gardens

Dear Penelope, The Botanical Gardens is a place I’ve been eagerly awaiting to venture to; I could not tell who was more excited, Grandma or myself! I can definitely say that Grandma’s green fingers have been passed down to me, as these days I find myself perusing garden centres at any given moment. After a short … Continue reading Madeira Botanical Gardens