Top 10: Christmas In London 2015

Christmas in London is a magical place; the joy, the carollers, and the smell of mulled wine and chestnuts from the street vendors along embankment bridge. Of course Christmas can also be a time of panic and crowded streets, however hopefully this guide will help you plan your festive activities with the best things to do … Continue reading Top 10: Christmas In London 2015


Horniman Museum & Gardens

Dearest Peps, Warm Greetings from South London! Your stroll around Sydney had me very envious of your new beach life shenanigans, however hopefully you'll miss the charm and poached eggs of London and move back to me (here's hoping...) Autumn is well and truly under way; the leaves has begun to go crispy; wind and … Continue reading Horniman Museum & Gardens

Borough Market Escapades

Dear lovely readers, After nearly two months of adventures from around the world, Hector & Penelope are reunited in true style. Morning brunch consisting of poached eggs, and then perusing the delectable Borough Market - surrounded by an abundance of free samples of cheeses, breads and brownies. How very us! Borough market is of course a foodies heaven, and … Continue reading Borough Market Escapades

The Graduate

Dear Penelope, The day we thought would never arrive, the day that has been years in the making; Graduation! The years of rolling into early-morning lectures after working the night shift; the mild caffine addiction in the library; and of course the thousands of pounds in debt has finally paid off. The venue was Wembley Stadium (what a location, … Continue reading The Graduate