Luang Prabang – Highlights

After our two days of cruising, it was quite a relief to have three whole nights before having to venture onwards to the next country! Luang Prabang is much bigger than anywhere else we had previously in Laos, and another spot which is surrounded by heaps of activities in the local area. The town itself … Continue reading Luang Prabang – Highlights


Tat Kuang Si waterfalls – Luang Prabang

Hello Hector! Located around 34km from the town, this delightful spot is definitely worth a visit for anyone that finds themselves in Luang Prabang. There's plenty of places offering tours and tuk tuks constantly offering rides, but we opted to hire a couple of scooters for the day. What a drive! Another opportunity to see … Continue reading Tat Kuang Si waterfalls – Luang Prabang