7 Hours In Paris

Dearest Penelope,

It has been a while, hasn’t it!! While you have been galavanting around the land of Oz, NZ and South America; my only sight has been the commute to work – oh, the joy… It was a delight to be reunited on your surprise trip back to the UK and I looking forward to having you back for good!! Not long to go now. 

Nevertheless, something uber amazing happened. While an unseemingly average weekend was upon us; a casual walk around Clapham Common was afoot; a conversation in a local pub turned into booking an impulse trip to Paris!!

At 23:00 later that same day, we were standing at Victoria Coach Station ready for the 9 hours bus ride across the channel – the excitement of breakfast in Paris was too much to handle.

The 9-hour bus ride was not the worst thing in the world – sure, it wasn’t as comfortable as a Savoy bed nor as luxurious. Sure, being awoken and forced off the coach at 2:00am to sit on a ferry for an hour wasn’t the ‘Welcome to France’ I would have dreamt of but we made it in one piece.

Feeling slightly delirious, we clambered off the coach and walked toward the metro station only to find it was closed due to a 24-hour strike (brilliant- sounds like a normal day in London). However, this did not stop us and being fluent in French (debatable) it was a breeze negotiating the foreign signs and bus timetable. It was a matter of minutes (more like maybe an hour) before we reached Paris city and enjoyed a scenic walk along the Seine toward the Eiffel Tower.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

As we casually walked along the Sinne, The Louvre was our fist port of call. Whilst time didn’t permit us to have a walk around this is something we HAVE to do on our next weekend break. The museum is an all day event and is free entry for those under 26.


Even at 10:00am the queue wrapped around Louvre!! Nevertheless, this is the obligatory selfie sitting outside (Meghan looking picture perfect ready and me looking delirious…)  #Stunnerz #PhotoReady #NoFilter #LovinLyf 

Being a tourist on a deadline we had to come up with a gameplan. This was to walk, see and soak in everything and not waste time queuing and rushing from one place to the other. How very Parisian of us..


The next stop along our walk was the Eiffel Tower, just as beautiful (and busy) as ever! I don’t think any trip to Paris would be complete without a sighting of the Tower. It had been many years since my late time in Paris and you do forget the vast size of this structure and to think that this was all constructed in a time with no cranes and modern technology – amazing. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


The trip ended in a panic as we realised our casual stroll turned VERY casual and time had flown by. A stop off at a local lunch hot-spot around the corner from the Effile Tower and then some last minute panic buying at the local bakery – many baguettes and macaroons were purchased for the coach home!!

J’espere que vous avez un bon week-end…

With Kindest Regards,

Hector xo


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