It’s a colourful life – Melbourne’s Street Art!

Dear Hector,

One of the most unique things about exploring Melbourne is spotting all of the cheeky little spots of street art dotted all around the city. The king of these of course, is Hosier Lane, which happens to be along my daily stroll to work, and a favourite activity is taking a little browse to spot what has changed day to day.

I’ll let the photos do the talking here.. but as you can see, Melbourne is one VIBRANT place!






It’s not just Hosier Lane holding all of the colour, here’s some other gems from around the city…



Even on those days where the weather is so grey it looks like England, there’s always something around the corner to brighten up the day 😊



With kindest regards,

Penelope xoxo


One thought on “It’s a colourful life – Melbourne’s Street Art!

  1. Great pictures!
    I really like exploring and seeing street art, I find out a lot more about the mood and people of a city through its street art than through architecture and museums.


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