Making a life in Melbourne

Dear Hector,

It’s truly amazing how much can happen in just a few short weeks. Since arriving in Melbourne pennyless, homeless and jobless, things have turned around very quickly! Within a week I had landed myself a job in a 5* hotel, and now have a room in a lovely apartment in South Melbourne, which is close enough to walk everywhere in the city (or at least walk to the closest free tram stop for those lazier days!), and even has the luxury of a pool for me to jump into on these 35 degree “Autumn” days.

Voted the worlds “Most Liveable City”, I’m quickly beginning to see the reasons why. There’s always some sort of event taking over the city, heaps of different areas to explore, more places to eat than I’ll ever have time to visit, and I’m yet to have been unlucky enough to buy a bad coffee (Leaps and bounds ahead of Starbucks here I must admit!)


As well as meeting some lovely people, I’m lucky enough to have friends from previous travels to reunite with, as well as some familiar faces from Coffs Harbour to enjoy exploring with! Here are some of my highlights so far…

Wandering the Laneways

Central Melbourne has a maze of little streets full of coffee shops galore, as well as quirky little shops to explore between coffee stops. I already can’t count the amount of times I’ve found myself aimlessly wandering with the girls, and it seems there’s something different to see on every walk. Degraves Street is undoubtedly a favourite, and it’s incredibly easy to sit and pass the time here watching the world go by.


As a birthday treat for one of my favourites from Coff’s Harbour, we spent a lovely day at the Melbourne Aquarium! Much bigger than it appears from the outside, and crammed full of the weird and wonderful. Seeing the enormous crocodile was a highlight, as well as learning more about some giant stingrays!


Ramsay Street

Ok, I admit it, Neighbours is a little guilty pleasure of mine… Although I’m yet to embark on the full Neighbours tour, one of my Melbourne born friends from Canada informed me that Ramsay Street is in fact a real street, and not just a TV set! After getting a little bit confused about which was the right street, the security guard was a give away, and he let us take a few snaps outside Karl and Susan’s house! Huge thanks go to Tara for this trip!


Brighton Beach

After the Ramsay St experience, I was then whisked down to Brighton Beach to see the brightly coloured beach houses! This is definitely nothing like the Brighton I know and love, and was packed on this particular day so I would like to go back for another visit, but that didn’t stop me getting the classic tourist snap – AUSTRALIA!

St Kilda

South of Melbourne, this quirky little area is full of students and those on working holiday visas, so perhaps not my favourite place in the city, but still has a nice little strip of shops and places to eat, the creepy Luna Park (just like the equally creepy Luna Park in Sydney!) and a long stretch of beach. After being spoilt living on the East Coast, I wasn’t blown away by St Kilda beach, but it’s always a close by option should I tire of the pool…


National Gallery of Victoria

The NGV has very quickly become one of my favourite places to peruse in the city – no surprises there! Rain or shine, I can’t get enough, and can’t wait to visit the Warhol exhibition after payday…


Last but not least, one of my favourite things about Melbourne is the countless number of interesting places to eat and drink. Wednesday evenings at the Queen Vic Market are also a highlight – food, food and more food!! It’s certainly no secret that I am a bit of a brunch addict, and I have already embarked on a mission to find Melbourne’s best brunch – more on this to come soon! Now Hector – time to fly over to join me for some poached eggs?!


It’s fair to say life has changed drastically in the last year, even in the last 2 months, but above all else, there are no regrets on escaping London life, and I am very happy to be living the Australian dream in Melbourne for another 5 months. Still so much to see, and so much to do, I just need to work hard to replenish that travel fund to keep up with the adventures…


With kindest regards,

Peps xoxo



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