Throwback Thursday – When In Rome..

Dear Penelope,

With the fist month of 2016 flying by, I’ve been reminiscing of one’s adventures in Rome taken around this time two years ago.. While the weather certainly wasn’t on our side, we did not let that dampen our spirits as we set off to find the best Pizza, Pasta and tiramisu – when in Rome?

Whilst wandering through the cobbled streets, it became apparent that it is true what they say, Rome most certainly wasn’t built in a day! The winding streets are never ending, and you do get that feeling of being a small fish in a big pond. However, that did not stop us as we boarded the hop-on-hop-off tour bus to grasp the size of this city.


The colosseum was definitely worth the visit, despite the costly entry fee… There is just a whole load to see, including a large museum about the history of the colosseum and a gift shop (my personal favourite activity). There are limits to where you can go and what you can see, but if you wish to take a tour (not included in the entry fee), then that will take you into the depth of the colosseum – possibly worth the price? or possibly better spend in the gift shop for souvenirs you’ll never use?


This ancient Chariot race track may look like an abandoned grass field (which was my thoughts), however, this was very important to my travelling companion Kristy, who pleaded to visit as it featured in the 1953 film, Roman Holiday, starring Audry Hepburn. Unfortunately I don’t much regarding this area, however, I do remember it began to rain as soon as we stepped off the bus, and it was a long wait for the next one…



The Vatican City was a delightful surprise of our Roman tour; there was so much to see, read, and eat; you could easily spend your whole afternoon there. We wander around St. Peter’s Square before entering the Vatican Museum just to the right-hand side of the Cathedral.

You can most certainly end up getting lost in the Museum – there was so much to see from ancient sculptures, to modern art. The Sistine Chapel is just-off the Vatican Museum, and is where the infamous painted ceiling by Michelangelo is. It was a thing of beauty which really does have to be seen – unfortunately, no photos are allowed and my ‘sneaky’ photography didn’t work out as well as one planned…

DSC00899DSC00902DSC00888DSC00892DSC00896DSC00881DSC00883DSC00874 (1)DSC00878DSC00880DSC00874

Time ran out ever-so-quickly on our Roman adventures; the thought of all that pizza that wasn’t consumed is heart breaking..

Kindest Regards,

Hector xoxo


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