Penelope’s 2016 Travel Destination Wish-list

Dear Hex,

After perusing such a wanderlust-inducing post, it seemed only fitting to share my own 2016 wish-list!! As the year is predominantly going to be spent in Australia, here are some spots in this part of the world I hope to manage to see this year!!

Melbourne, Australia

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone utter a bad word about Melbourne, and this is one location I will definitely be seeing in 2016. The cultural hotspot of Australia, with the style buzz of a big city; I look forward to seeing and sharing with you, my favourite things to see, do and of course eat, in the months to come.

Bali, Indonesia

With the number of emails and adverts popping up everywhere offering me cheap flights to Bali, there’s a good chance that a trip here might be squeezed into the years itinerary! After enjoying my first South East Asia experience so much, what could be better than beautiful beaches, fascinating culture and luxurious hotels for the same price as hostels. The perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

Papua New Guinea

After seeing PNG featured on Hex and Peps favourite Departures, I’ve definitely been intrigued to see more of this largely untouched country. The natural beauty appears endless, as so much of the country is yet to be developed. For this same reason, this is one of the trickier destinations to visit in terms of visa requirements, and a high regard for safety still needs to be observed whilst this remains an up and coming destination. There’s a good chance 2016 won’t be the year I make it here, but never say never…

Hong Kong

After getting a brief glimpse of the enormous Hong Kong skyline when catching a connecting flight through to Sydney, a stopover on my return to the UK is going to be difficult to resist! A highlight of any visit is said to be the Symphony of Lights, a nightly light and laser show which is recognised to be the largest of its kind in the world. For those who aren’t so keen on big city life, 70% of Hong Kong is countryside, and spotting some of the pink Chinese White Dolphins would be a real treat as part of any visit.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Looking at any photographs of this part of the world leaves no need for any explanation why this makes the list. Known as one of the adventure capitals of the world, a visit to New Zealand wouldn’t be complete without a stop here, and after making it to the other side of the world already, it wouldn’t feel right to miss out on this opportunity. After a year of summer, I would also personally prefer to take a trip in winter, and check out those mountains first hand strapped onto a snowboard…

Uluru, Australia

Last but not least, no trip to Australia can surely be complete without a visit to the most iconic of Australian sights. Located in the heart of Australia, any trip here is surely going to be an unforgettable adventure, and its hard to count the number of people who have told me this is an absolute must.

Looks like we’ve got a busy year ahead of us!

Where has made your list for 2016? Have you visited any of the places on our lists and loved/hated them? We would love to hear!

With kindest regards,

Peps xoxo


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