Hectors 2016 Travel Destination Wish-List.

Dearest Penelope,

Greetings from 2016! One must apologise for the delay in written communication this last month; the festive season turned out to be quite a busy one.

The new year has certainly crept up on us ever-so-quickly and hasn’t allowed much time for planning our 2016 holidays. However fear not, as I have put together my 2016 travel destination wish-list to give some inspiration and to motivate myself to embrace my new year resolution of travelling more.

Copenhagen, Denmark.


Being a stone’s throw away from the UK, it is shocking I have yet to visit this beautiful & colourful place. This edgy gem holds many things I favour when seeking a travel destination; design, charm, and food! However you don’t have to take my word for how amazing Copenhagen is, many style and lifestyle publications have announced this Danish capital the most ‘livable’ place in the world; praising its’ friendly atmosphere and easy transport links. I think a European weekend break would be perfect for anytime in the year.

Istanbul, Turkey.


The lights, colours, smells, and Baklava (the most important factor.. obviously), pulls you in and make you yearn to explore this majestic city. From the Topkapi Palace to the Hagia Sophia museum, there is an abundance of activities to do and wonderful places to see. There’s also an array of markets to wander through, which is what one would call ‘our scene’. Make sure to travel light as I’m sure your suitcase will end up bursting at the seams on the way back.

I’ve got Baklava on the mind now..

Tuscany, Italy.



This one may have been influenced by watching Eat, Prey, Love and my own love for all things carbs. I cannot think of anything better to do than driving along the Tuscan countryside, attending cooking classes and eating copious amounts of spagetti.. what a dream. Flights to Pisa during late spring/early summer are currently obnoxiously cheap, and you would be a fool not to book ASPA (..talking to myself here).

Havana, Cuba.



Havana has been a place of interest for me for as long as one can remember. The colourful buildings, the interesting architecture, the classic cars, and the history of the place makes this a travellers delight. However entering the country may not be as easy as one hopes; you would be required to have all valid visa’s before travelling, which can be quite a lengthy process.

Montpellier, France.


French patisseries. Need I say more? How about if I said EasyJet are offering £81 return tickets during the Autumn season. I’ll start packing my bags..

Inverness, Scotland

One of the closest destinations, yet the one that has always been on my travel wishlist!! This year is the year that I finally visit Inverness. The crisp mountain air, the smell of fresh sea water, and the chance to see the Loch Ness Monster – yes, he is real, and you can bet your money I’ll get a picture of him. I would recommend visiting Inverness during the summer months where there’s a hype of activity, and temperatures can reach 18°C.



Peps, I would love to hear about your travel plans for 2016 in Oz, and to see what you’ve been up to!! Missing you greatly.

With Kindest Regards,

Hector xo


4 thoughts on “Hectors 2016 Travel Destination Wish-List.

  1. Lovely post! I hasn’t overly bowled over my Copenhagen when I went, but I blame the weather! Istanbul looks fabulous though, that’s one place on my list!
    This year however, I shall be going to Iceland (again) and Brussels (again) and hopefully Barcelona for the first time – then I’ve got to decide where else to head to…
    Happy travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really?! I’ve read nothing but good things about Copenhagen so it would be interesting to hear what else you didn’t particularly like 😀
      Hope you have fun in Iceland and Brussels – Brussels is one of my favourite destinations!!! Would love to go back too 🙂


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