A visit to Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens

Dearest Hector,

After too many storms, the agricultural work has come to a standstill, and there is now a lot of time to pass while we wait for new crops of blueberries to grow!

As the weather has been questionable to say the least (I have often been getting confused as to whether this is England or Australia!) and my supply of teabags and books have been rapidly consumed, it was time to get outdoors while the rain was holding off. Where better to go, than on a hunt for the illusive “wild Koala’s” in the Coffs Botanic Garden.


The gardens are huge, to say the least, and split into numerous different sections for perusal. The first area we stumbled upon was the “Sensory Garden” which was full of different plants and flowers to appeal to more than just the eyes! As with the rest of the garden, whilst the plants were thriving, there wasn’t too much in the way of flowers to enjoy, so perhaps not the best time of year for big floral fans (such as Gran!) to take a visit.

From here we entered the Glasshouse, which as you might imagine on a humid Australia day had to be perused fairly quickly due to the heat! Split into three different rooms, the Cactus room was particularly enjoyable, with a good selection of the weird and wonderful.

The areas outside were split with plants and trees from the different Australian states, as well as countries from around the world, so the journey from New South Wales to India was a very short one! We also enjoyed a visit to the Rainforest, where we strolled along the boardwalks, still looking out for the hiding Koala’s.

The main feature of the garden is the brightly colour Japanese bridge towards the far end, with a peaceful lake where we were able to relax and enjoy the day. With a soundtrack of the many different birds!

IMG_4998 (2)IMG_5001 (2)IMG_5003 (2)IMG_5009 (2)

Although we had a delightful stroll around the garden, the Koala search was far from successful, so the hunt goes on! We did however see one of these rather more dangerous creatures… and a wild turkey! Only in Australia!

The wait for the blueberries continues now, and the only work happening at the moment is the hard work on my tan… and a spot of lifeguarding! Keep those fingers crossed it’s back on track soon hey!

With kindest regards,

Peps xoxo


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