Horniman Museum & Gardens

Dearest Peps,

Warm Greetings from South London! Your stroll around Sydney had me very envious of your new beach life shenanigans, however hopefully you’ll miss the charm and poached eggs of London and move back to me (here’s hoping…)

Autumn is well and truly under way; the leaves has begun to go crispy; wind and rain galore; and many pumkin spiced lattes have been consumed. However, before the weather took a turn, Lucy and myself took a final trip of the summer season to the Horniman Museum & Gardens – Situated in Forest Hill, it hosts stunning views of the city skyline and is only a short walk from Forest Hill station (public transportation is recommended as a parking space was not easy to come by..)





The building itself is a stunning piece of architecture which very much reminds me of a the structures from Grand Design; with its grassed roof, industrial frames and an abundance of glass – very pleasing to the eyes.

Before we immersed ourselves into the culture learning experience, we first had to drown ourselves with coffee and the many eye-catching and mouth-watering pastries and cakes on display (the blondie bar looks heavenly and the walrus biscuit was especially cute!)






I’m sure inside this grumpy dog is having a great time. Next time I should bring Brandy, however I doubt he would be this tame – more like dragging me from one side to the other..


The main exhibition this season was a taxidermy showcase – I must say I was not aware what ‘taxidermy’ was before entering, so it did come as quite a shock. The exhibition itself was amazing; so many mammals, birds and insects to peruse and learn about – this is a great place for children too as it is all very interactive, fun and interesting. Despite being slightly put off by the nature of taxidermy, it was trés interesting seeing them all closeup, and learning about their history – approve!




The other side of the museum was an art gallery with a collection of photographs from around the world which aimed to showcase the cluster of cultures.





The surrounding gardens of the Horniman Museum is a delight to wander through – they even have their own vegetable and herb garden which they gather to use in the cafe, cute aye! Much like the secret garden in Brockwell Park, this would be a perfect place to relax and read for many hours (Lucy’s and myself discussion of the latest Hannibal episode may of disturbed a few sun worshipers…)





Horniman’s is such a cultural hotspot, and I’m sure Gran would of loved the gardens (Brandy too..). One hopes you are keeping well down-under, and we shall speak soon – toodles.

With Kindest Regards,

Hex xoxo


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