Throwback Thursday – My Fair Verona.


Dear Penelope,

Today throwback Thursday is dedicated to one trip to my fair Verona, Italy. While the weather conditions could be described as less than perfect, this city is ever-so charming with its winding streets, brightly painted buildings, and historic architecture – another perfect weekend getaway!  


Shakespeares play Romeo & Juliet is set in Verona, so of course we had to visit Juliet’s dwelling. The humble courtyard hosts her famous balcony and a bronze statue of Juliet herself – This courtyard is a thriving tourist hotspot, so be sure to arrive early to avoid queuing – which we thankfully did!! 





Watching this child jump up to touch Juliet’s boob was very amusing, however this seemed to be a tradition which is said to bring you good luck – As they say, when in Rome… 





Our favourite little coffee shop, situated just next to the Porta Borsari is highly recommended – we popped in every day for a delightfully smooth coffee and the most amazing tiramisu. Our trip to Verona also took us to Rome, and may I be bold enough to say that this coffee shop had the best tiramisu (..and there was a lot of tiramisu testing)


The town square is a piece of art in itself, surrounded by stunning architecture and delightful market stalls spanning across the whole market – picked myself up a venetian mask for €2, bargain!! There are also many restaurants around the square with outside terraces which would have been perfect if the sun graced us with it’s presence – the English rain seemed to of followed us..  


Writing messages on the wall of Romeo’s home (which is far less impressive than Juliet’s house.. she could do better).





Until next time..

With Kindest Regards,

Hector xoxo


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