Day trippin’ to Manly

Dear Hector,

With a scorching 29 degree forecast (more of a treat for myself than the locals, after a rather rainy British summer!), I set off to go and explore another beach – this time, Manly Beach.

Excited for the day ahead, I set off to Circular Quay to catch a ferry over to Manly, which is around a 30 minute journey away. Before setting off, it was only fitting to take in the sights in the area first – the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge! This area still gives me a burst of excitement and “oh my – I’m in Australia!



The journey to Manly was beautiful in the sunshine, cruising around the Opera House and then North along the coast. Being such a lovely day, the ferry was packed full of tourists heading the same way, but they depart frequently, and I was able to find myself a prime viewing spot for the journey.

IMG_4422 (2)

IMG_4431 (2)

The view arriving into Manly
The view arriving into Manly

On disembarking, you find yourself right in the centre of Manly, which has a number of shops and restaurants. But a spot of shopping wasn’t the aim of this trip – onwards I went to the beach! Similar to Bondi with bright blue water and golden sandy beach, (in other words, all you expect from Australia!) this area was much quieter, so I set myself up for a spot of sunbathing, with prime viewing of the surfers! (I must try this Hex, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be very elegant…)



After some rest and relaxation, I set off on part of the Manly Scenic Walk to see some more of the area. This took me along Cabbage Bay, around to Shelley Beach – a much smaller, quieter little beach, but equally as picturesque.

IMG_4447 (2)







From here I was able to climb a short distance upwards to get some amazing views looking back over the beach – Australia is still managing to blow me away with its incredible coastlines!

This guy taking in the view gave me a little shock...
This guy taking in the view gave me a little shock…


IMG_4490 (2)

From here, me and my weary little legs decided to wander back into the town, and depart back to the city. A beautiful day trip, and one that’s definitely worth the journey!


Have you had the chance to visit Manly or any of the other beaches around Sydney? We would love to hear which were your favourites!

With kindest regards (and wishes you were here to see all this!)

Peps xoxo


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