G’day from down under!

Dear Hector,

What an absolutely charming farewell post – I was so touched I shed a little tear! We have certainly had such fun in the last couple of years, and I am excited to hear about your European adventures to come.

After 24 hours of travel (at least by plane this time, rather than a horrific air-con free train in the middle of Vietnam), I write to you now from Sydney, Australia! This trip has been a long time coming, and there’s a lot of things to do over the next few months…!

How better to try and beat the jet lag than a walk along the coast to Bondi Beach, where else?!

A lovely Aussie friend and I drove up to Coogee, to do the beautiful walk along the coast to Bondi Beach. The sun was shining, and I must say – I keep pinching myself, I cannot believe I am here! The walk winds along the coast with the bright blue ocean sparkling below, passing golden sandy beach after beach.

IMG_4370 (2)


IMG_4369 (2)

Just before reaching Bondi beach, we passed Bondi Icebergs, which we didn’t stop at, but has been recommended as a spot to eat or drink which most certainly has a view! The pools are actually filled with ocean water, so you can enjoy a dip in much calmer waters. I’m sure you agree it looks extremely enticing in the heat!

IMG_4389 (2)

Bondi Beach is huge, and I couldn’t get enough of looking at the quirky art work, and of course watching the boys hit the surf!! This day also saw the festival of the winds, with hundreds of kites in the sky, which were an absolute delight to watch! This brought in the crowds so it was extremely busy, but as such a tourist hot spot, it’s hard to imagine the beach ever gets too quiet.


IMG_4392 (2)

Does that lifeguard station look familiar Mum?!

The round trip was over 10k, so after such a long plane ride it was a perfect way to feel alive again, in the most beautiful surroundings! I’m very excited to see what Australia has to bring next…!



IMG_4377 (2)

With kindest regards,

Peps xoxo


2 thoughts on “G’day from down under!

  1. What absolutely beautiful beaches on your photos. And yes, I recognise the lifeguard station, it’s exactly as it looks on TV! I can’t believe you have actually been there. Mind you, where are the lifeguards?


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