Cruise Around Madeira: East Coast

Dear Penelope,

Having just cruised our way around the West side of Madeira, it has come to tackle the East cost.

Cabo Girao
This town is up on the edge of the cliff not too far from the city Funchal, which has always been a drive through destination with stunning views. However a recent development in the area has seen a purpose built viewing point constructed on the edge of the cliff-face; allowing you to peer over the edge, holding stunning views of the coast line and the crystal blue sea below. A slight word of warning, people who are afraid of heights may want to give this one a miss – a glass bottomed floor has also been installed which allows you to peer right down – worth the visit I say!!



Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz is known as the destination where the Airport is situated, of-which we have never ventured down into the town however what a treat it was. The beach hosts an array of water sporting actives including jet skis, canoeing, water polo and paddle boarding. Being sheltered in-between bays makes this place great for swimming. However not only is all this available, there is also a water park with a water slide that stretches from the mid point of the mountains down to the sea.

Located on the opposite side of Canica is Machico. This is another prime example of gorgeous golden beaches and wonderful fresh fish restaurants. Being so gorgeous and so close to Funchal, do not expect to get a parking space during school holidays or the weekend – no matter how early you get there!! (we learnt this from experiences..)




A fishing town with an air of tranquil relaxation – possible due to the lack of children around. Canical is very much a honeymoon destination with it’s stunning coast, fine dining restaurants and pebbled beaches.


Just past Canical is the eastern point of Madeira which is most defiantly worth the drive along the tight dusty roads for the view around the end point.




The home of the traditional houses of Santana with it’s red and white exterior and thatched roof, this has become an icon of Madeira. Not only is Santana a haven for tradition, it also hosts to the ever-so modern Park of Madeira. This theme park captures the history of madeira and bottles it into a family fun packed environment – unfortunately Dad was not up for tackling his way through the sea of screaming children – I can’t blame him…

Santana 4

Santana 3


Santana 2

This has been my cruise around the Island, and if you’ve visited Madeira before please share your favourite gems so we can explore next time!!

With Kindest Regards,

Hector xox


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