A Moment In Monte

Dear Penelope,

Greetings from Monte.

Monte is situated up in the mountains, not too far from the capital Funchal and is 550 meters above sea-level (thanks for that fact, Dad). The main attraction here is it’s beautiful gardens, and the iconic landmark of Monte church; which can been see from Grandma’s house – impressive, aye?!



Grandma informed me that the nuns climb the steps to the church doors as penance before a ceremony – being non-religious, I imagine that to be quite hilarious to watch; however for you religious people I’m sure it’s quite moving too..



The church is beautiful and very well kept even though it dates back to 1551. The chandlers, the paintings, the statues and the decorations are gleaming which shows the pride people take. In fact, the surrounding area and gardens are just as stunning – I think this is one of my favourite areas in Madeira; certainly somewhere to sit and have a good read which I plan on doing in the coming week.







Before we left, Grandma and I lit a candle for Granddad, Mum, for good health, and Grandma even lit one as “Good Luck” to me on my future Vegan journey (we shall get into this in an upcoming blog post.. haha)


Cobbled stairs and paths guide you through the gardens exposing the beautiful array of flowers while the towering trees hide them from the sunlight.





These are the traditional toboggans which start from Monte, and take you down to the centre of old-town Funchal – such fun!! We have not taken this mode of transport ourself, however this is a top tourist attraction which many love – even with it’s steep price tag.

With Kindest Regards,

Hector xoxo


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