Olá Madeira

Dearest Penelope,

Greetings from Madeira!!

One only had the privilege of catching you for a couple hours down London before being whisked away – hopefully there will plenty of opportunities to rendezvous again once I’m back (road trip up north, perhaps?)

Welcome to Madeira – with Grandmother and Father in tow, we set off from London mid-afternoon on our jet (unfortunately not private, however we did sit so-close to the 1st class passengers, the curtain separating us ended up in my face the whole journey) – a mere three and a half hours later, we arrived. Hats-off to the Pilot on the delightfully smooth landing into Madeira; noting that this airport has been rated #5 of the worst airports in the world due to the rapid cross-winds (bravo!).

A short 30 minute drive we arrived in Funchal, the capitol of Madeira, and en-route to Grandma’s house.




It has been 5 years since my last trip here, yet still once I entered through the gates of my Grandmas house, everything looked reassuring familiar – no offence to my aunties and uncles who spent last summer painting the house and the veranda..



Amongst the cluster of photographs my Grandma has around the living room, I managed to find this gem of my Grandparents and my Cousins’ back-in-the-day. Can you spot me – I’ll give you a hint, I’m the handsome one taking centre-stage, naturally..




I am sure every family member who ever visits always takes a photo of the view from the rooftop patio, and who wouldn’t, it’s stunning – Overlooking the whole of Funchal and peering down into the marina.




With just under two weeks left, we have a whole agenda planned to do everything Madeira has to offer – much to fathers delight, haha. 

With Kindest Regards,

Hector xoxo



9 thoughts on “Olá Madeira

  1. Wish I was there with you right now…I don’t seem to remember releasing my permission for the posting of such a fab photo 😉 you’ve made me chuckle and cry all in one blog post, great photos and even better writing. Enjoy. Beijinhos xx


    1. When this post makes me a millionaire, I’ll give you a cut (sshhh don’t tell the others) haha.. it’s an emotional place, full of childhood memories.. back of to enjoy the sun 🙂


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