A Day at The Palace

Dear Penelope,

What a week it has been – I’d say our week has been very much on-par (minus the jungles, kayaking, and questionable accommodation, however very similar nonetheless). 

To kick off Birthday weekend, a trip to a palace was very much called for – one had to return to ones roots.. Hampton Court Palace was the destination, and a short 35 minute drive, we arrived! Let us just take a minute to praise yet complain about the weather – it reached a scorching 34 degrees, and being outside was not a wisest of ideas (I think my face melted a bit..).



With a guide book in hand, Lucy and myself set off on our exploration of history.



We stopped to watch a performance, reacting historic events which was very entertaining, and had an air of Eastenders – Approved!!


The best part of the day, LUNCH! You can tell this place is fancy by their use of wooden board – how very us.




Unfortunately, these pies were only for display purposes only.. one was slightly disappointed.




Just beyond these windows was the most beautiful gardens to promenade around (one shall obviously have to return with Gran) – unfortuantly there are no pictures due to the Sun melting my arm off.. I would love to tell you more about this Palace, but you will have to pay the entry fee yourself.. NO SPOILERS.

However, to complete this prestigious afternoon, a trip to a beer garden by the river was very much needed. This spot was in Thames Ditton – we must return here once you’re back..


Hope you are doing well, and I speak for all our readers when I say we eagerly anticipate your next blog post..

With Kindest Regards,

Hector xoxo


One thought on “A Day at The Palace

  1. I LOVE it! This is definitely something that I like to read and learn. There are so many beautiful places out there, the reason for not going to discover them it’s because I hate the feeling of disappointment but here it is Penelope and Hector helping me choose the best ones!!


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