The journey begins in Bangkok

Dear Hector,

Well, we most certainly aren’t at home anymore! Bangkok has such an air of chaos you just come to expect that there will be some new form of mayhem waiting around every corner. The people we have encountered have all been extremely friendly (one gentleman was most shocked to see two 6 ft lads strolling by, and had quite the giggle at how much taller they were than him), but we’ve quickly learned to keep our wits about us at all times, as unfortunately there are far too many people awaiting the next tourists to fall into their scams (we never did come upon the “protest” one man was so insisted we were to change our route for..).

Our night was spent at the Lamphu Treehouse, which turned out to be quite the gem tucked away on the canal side. It’s overwhelming how many hotels there are in the city, and how many different areas there are to stay, but our guide book didn’t let us down on this one. The staff were very welcoming (despite the mess we must have looked after 16 hours of travelling) and very efficient, meaning we were quickly whisked up to our room. This was very clean, comfortable, and at that time, our highlight was the air conditioning unit! (This part of the world is VERY hot!) We were given a twin bedded room as requested on booking, and had a nice balcony out over the swimming pool. Not a spectacular view as we were on the 2nd floor, but there was a partial water view (of the canal..) which as we know is often most sought after! The breakfast buffet had a good selection which is perfect to kick off the day, however be prepared for some VERY strong coffee! We didn’t eat on any other occasions there, as there’s just too much choice elsewhere. Location wise, we were able to walk to a lot of the main areas in the city, however our new found favourite mode of travel (the “tuk tuk”!) is always quickly at hand to get you from a to b. Reflecting on the choice of accommodation in the very relaxing outdoor seating area, we agreed that the hotel was definitely one we would recommend, and decent value for money.


Activity wise, we barely even scratched the surface of seeing all Bangkok had to offer. We stumbled upon a busy market area close to the royal palace, and next thing we knew we were haggling the price for a boat tour, and off we went. This experience really hit home the contrast between the gold coated wats, and the hundreds of wooden huts balanced on stilts

 Aside from the boat, we also saw some very large wats, and a very large gold budda at wat poh!


Food and drink wise, we’re yet to eat anything too wild! A firm favourite with the boys was krua apsorm – highly recommended for seafood lovers. And a word of warning where drinks are involved – we tried to visit the sky bar in the lebua hotel (as known from hangover 2!) but the dress code didn’t allow men in shorts. A recommendation from home was Cloud47, which had amazing views of the city, whether this is better or not than sky bar we will have to investigate on our route back home!

For now we are heading on the overnight sleeper train to chiang mai, where apparently the food is even cheaper, and the climate is cooler. We will see!
With kindest regards,
Peps xoxo


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