Wishing a fond farewell to the London scene

Dearest Hector,

I cannot believe this time is finally upon us! I write this to you on the first of many long journey’s to come over the next few weeks, (via means of transportation of a much lower standard than we have become accustomed to in London – I don’t think there’ll be much chance of hailing an uber from now on…) and thought this would be a delightful opportunity to reminisce on some of our favourite London activities!

Rendezvousing for breakfast – regardless of the time of day

There are of course countless wonderful dining options in the city, but there often comes a time where those cravings for Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale must be fulfilled. Should we find ourselves in Central London close to any of its six locations, The Breakfast Club is always hard to resist, and offers a breakfast menu for those of us who wish to set new trends and go against the norm, and enjoy this as an evening meal. London Bridge edges in as potentially the favourite of the locations, as we do enjoy rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Soho on the other hand, could not have been more helpful in catering to some undesirable allergy requirements, so most certainly also receive our kind recommendations.

South London also remains a firm favourite, with Herne Hill featuring Café Provencal who serve the most wonderful omelettes, and do NOT hold back on the portion sizes!, The Lido Cafe – a lovely art deco styled spot, with al fresco poolside dining– most enjoyable on a sunny day and our more recently found favourite, Pullens – tucked away next to the station, with the most lovely staff, wide ranging gluten free options, and sat in a prime location to peruse the Sunday Farmer’s Market or search for a new read in Herne Hill Books


Enjoying performances at the Royal Opera House

Both the Ballet and Opera are perfect excuses to show our faces on the social scene, with a personal favourite being Tosca, which we were fortunate enough to enjoy from exclusive seats in the Orchestra Stalls during the 2014 run.


Treating oneself to a beverage (or two)

Again, London has left us spoilt for choice with where to enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a Gin and Tonic (Hendricks, naturally). Favourites include

Gordonsset in a dusty old wine cellar with a large outdoor patio, the array of different wines and cheeses just keeps us coming on back for more, Aqua Shardwhere better to live the high life than at one of the highest bars in the city and the BFI bar kindly recommended by a friend, with its comfy sofas, this one is a hidden gem


Broadening our cultural horizons

Many an hour has been spent wandering the halls of Londons museums and galleries. Whilst Hector remains a firm fan of the Saatchi gallery, I myself find it more troublesome to select a single favourite, and may have to make repeat visits on a return visit to try and come to a conclusion!


Aimlessly wanderings…

It’s ever so easy to stumble upon somewhere new in the city, and its simply not possible to say how many steps have been taken on these adventures.


Keep on living the social scene dream for the two of us whilst you remain in London, Hector, and I look forward to seeing what you discover next!

With kindest regards,

Penelope XoXo


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