Melba – Starting Our Day In Style

Dearest Readers,

On the eve of Penelope’s last official day in London Town, it seemed only fitting to begin the day of hectic social scene activities in only one way – with prestige.


Gleaming out at us upon the otherwise dreary Strand stood Melba, The Savoy’s latest exciting new venture. How very us! As The Savoy is the epitome of style and sophistication, it’s no surprise that Melba encompasses all of this, with the striking décor catching ones eye even before the array of delicious looking treats entice you straight through the door.

Melba1The classic ‘Savoy’ Scones


The ‘Crown Jewels’ lovely and proudly displayed right as you enter Melba and what a selection of tartlets on offer!

What else would we find inside? The most impressive and delectable selection of a classic favourite – éclair’s galore! Each hand-crafted daily by The Savoy’s very own pastry team which is no-doubt the best of the best. Perfectly accompanied by a freshly brewed caffeinated beverage; (a “Peach Melba” no less! Certainly a new found favourite) and a serious test of willpower to avoid purchasing treats to last the whole day long.


Melba4What a Peach..

Melba6Cheekily peering at the window display like a child at Christmas

If tartlets and éclairs couldn’t tempt you then surely the magnificent array of signature cupcakes may tickle your fancy!


A morning upon the social-scene is not complete without coffee, and a mighty coffee machine is what we got. Despite it high-class glamour and prestige amongst the historic Savoy Hotel, you can treat yourself to a signature Peach Melba éclair for £2.95 and Cafe au Lait for £2.50 – we shall have to make this a weekly (or daily) occurrence.

Nearest tube station: Embankment, Charing Cross or Covent Garden
Taxi: Savoy Hotel, Strand, London, WC2R 0EU
Chartered yacht: Savoy Pier dock
Helicopter: Parachute would need to be acquired

With our kindest regards,

Hector and Penelope XoXo



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