The beginning…


After almost two years of London life, this time has crept upon us to embark upon worldwide adventures!

Reflecting upon our previous endeavors as our sophisticated alter egos Hector and Penelope, our calendars have been bursting at the seams with social scene engagements, embracing the finest experiences London had to offer us. Outstanding nights at the Opera, private Luxury river cruises, breathtaking rooftop locations, moving performances at the Ballet, and becoming regular attendees throughout the summer months to enjoy an array of world class orchestras at the BBC Proms.


The bewildering realisation of our forthcoming separation, and current end of joint appearances, left us questioning how on earth we are to continue our merriment on opposite sides of the globe.

Alas! What better way to share our upcoming exploits than by engaging amongst social media, and allowing our fans to peruse our adventures as we write to one another; ensuring our proud moments, exclusive recommendations, favourite locations from past and present and even the odd, what we call “mishap” are documented through an array of posts and photography whilst we attempt to cure our cases of wanderlust.

Both well travelled individuals, its time to broaden our horizons, and push ourselves to keep up our natural sophistication in entirely new locations and situations. Currently scheduled forthcoming trips include:

Hector: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Madeira and Budapest, touching upon some elements of London Lifestyle in between

Penelope: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, before the ultimate experience living the Australian dream down under

We hope you’re ready to join us on our journey!


With kindest regards,

Hector and Penelope XoXo
(AKA Allan and Hannah)


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